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thank you note for Budget Trucks Mar. 13th, 2012 @ 01:00 pm
Dear Budget Trucks,

Thank you for having a broken website and not answering the phone this morning. It led me to shop around and find a better deal at Thrifty.

 your (almost) customer - Tim

Logging into a Grandstream GXV3140 with url-encoded characters Jul. 15th, 2010 @ 01:57 pm
 I bet you've been wondering why you can't log into your Grandstream GXV3140 IP-Phone after configuring it with an admin password containing url-encoded characters such as '@'.

I mean, doesn't everybody wonder that?

Anyway, here's the answer: it's a firmware bug with the API path /manager hosted by the phone's firmware. In the cut I show how the manager API is failing to url-decode the string before checking it against its stored password.

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Dealing with locked partitions using GParted from a Ubuntu liveCD Jun. 20th, 2010 @ 11:16 am
Okay.. so there was this wicked-evil problem while rebuilding my server cube - I needed to resize the extended partition so I booted into a ubuntu live CD.

GParted insisted that the partitions were locked, and the mount command indicated that the partitions were not mounted, as gparted had been claiming. Here's how I worked around it:
  • disconnect the HD's SATA cable and reboot into the live CD
  • reconnect the SATA cable
  • blind-rescan the SATA port facing the HD (one of these did it)
    • echo "0 0 0" >/sys/class/scsi_host/host0/scan
    • echo "0 0 0" >/sys/class/scsi_host/host1/scan
    • echo "0 0 0" >/sys/class/scsi_host/host2/scan
  • restart gparted and continue as usual

kudos to camh on whirlpool for the rescan command:
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Mar. 12th, 2010 @ 01:26 pm
sqlg="update customers set "&_
"id_restriction="& id_restriction &", "&_
"id_access="& id_access &", "&_
"max_connect="& max_connect &", "&_
"is_server="& is_server &", "&_
"is_archieved="& is_archieved &", "&_
"id_zone="& id_zone &" "&_
"where id_customer="&id_customer&""

Bobby Tables is lurking there, just waiting to strike again.

That's fine Ukrainian workmanship for you - I'm so looking forward to bringing the new billing system online..

Ultrasound Tank Gauge Project - Day 1 Feb. 9th, 2010 @ 10:45 pm
My toys arrived this afternoon - a MAX232N serial level-converter and an LV-EZ4 Ultrasound ranging device.

I hooked up the MAX232N chip in a breadboard. Since the Ultrasound device has no use for an incoming serial signal, I plan to use one incoming level-conversion channel for the DTR pin, and the other for the RTS pin. I am planning to use these TTL outputs which originated at my server's RS232 port to do the following:
  • control a transistor which can switch on the Ultrasound device and switch it off again
  • command the Ultrasound device to take a reading as needed.
Breadboarding up the MAX232N, I was able to control an LED via a transistor using +- 9 volts input. I used a Darlington which had been slated for use in an old Stepper motor project, because I didn't have any other NPN transistors.

the Breadboard setupCollapse )

The Ultrasound device speaks serial at 0-5 volts, so I'll be using the MAX232 to convert its signal to proper serial levels for transmission back to my linux box.

I looked up the DB9 serial pinouts, connected a Cisco console cable to an RJ45 breakout box, and figured out which pegs corresponded to which RS232 pin using a multimeter to check resistance.

the breakout boxCollapse )

To establish I had figured out how to use the Device::SerialPort module, I had already written a simple serial console program. This worked well enough that I could send commands to my Cisco router and view the results. I stripped down this program to simply toggle the DTR pin every 3 seconds:

strobe.plCollapse )Using the breakout box and a voltmeter, I saw the expected +- 12 volts alternating on the DTR pin every four seconds. Yay!

This project will go on hold for several days because a short trip to South Australia is fast approaching. Hopefully I'll be able to continue late next week.
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» (No Subject)
Okay all you livejournal-posting-people:

It's time for Sweet Revenge!!

» A question about mice
Okay, something occurred to me, and I'm posting my question here to see what my LJ friends think of it.
More discussion about HIDsCollapse )
What is the BEST mouse you know of, for general use and coding? Which mouse is the most reliable, the most accurate, gives you the maximum level of control over what your PC is doing?

As I write this, I'm thinking about the first laser mouse I ever used, before high school. It was huge, had 5 buttons, two scrollwheels, and I found myself using all of those features for a better web browsing experience. The second scrollwheel gave me horizontal scrolling as I recall.

» In Neutral

I'm cross-posting an email to this journal -


I was watching the news last night, just finding out how bad it all was, when I got your SMS. Its hard in every sense of the word to imagine Marysville without in-neutral - and thats just a singular example of what's happened on such a massive scale in Victoria. In aerial shots on the news, there's nothing to recognise except ash and rubble.

In-neutral was a biker-themed restaurant where my friends and I shared some gorgeous meals in that lovely town. News reports say the town has been basically wiped off the map by bushfires.
» Geek glee - the miniserver is born

I bought a Shuttle K45, and it arrived today. It's a basic spec mini-sized barebones PC case, lacking only CPU, RAM, HD to get it operational. I chucked in those components plus an old CD drive, and was suitably gratified when it entered BIOS without a hitch.

We're a bit short on download quotas at home so I SSHed to work, told the fileserver to background-download the latest Ubuntu CD, and now it's time to sleep.

My last Ubuntu box was a fiendishly complicated beast, brimming with hard drives and running the amd64 release of Ubuntu. This was fine for a while, then it became very not-fine. This time, the philosophy is to KISS - theory being, drives are huge now and if I just mirror everything onto it, thats a pretty safe backup method. When I want more space I'll just jam in a TB drive and rebuild the OS, but for my needs that could still be years away. First and foremost I just don't want to lose photos and related stuff.

So, the box will be coming online with just one old drive from the busted raid array - which still provides 120GB for the MP3 collection and more than that for everything else. It'll run my favorite P2P protocols, host Samba/rsync shares, and serve as a development/automation platform - finally I can do something about the ideas I get from time to time which require a linux server to host them.

The system's current specs are -
  • Shuttle K45 case
  • intel 965 chipset
  • Pentium(R)Dual-core E2200 processor
  • 1GB dual-channel ram
  • 360GB HD
  • ICE Genie integrated CPU/case cooler
  • ... and a couple of lead bricks, judging by its weight. The small size of this case led to a big surprise when I tried to lift it.

» why wow characters are like Bonsai trees
World of Warcraft characters are like Bonsai trees.

No, really.

They don't have a useful purpose, but some people find it relaxing to spend many hours chasing small but continuous improvements as a hobby.

If there's one problem with this theory, it's that World of Warcraft characters don't have any value as a household decoration. Towards this end, I propose that humanity hurry up and develop decent holographic technology.

Just think of it: I could walk into the lounge room while showing someone around, point and say "See that Level 70 Blood Elf priest? I made that."

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